What is Home Health Care - Home Health Care

What is Home Health Care

Hello, I'm Maria Alves a nurse with residential Home Health Care today we're talking about the basics of Home Health Care. Home Health Care is medical care provided wherever your home may be the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services say it's usually less expensive more convenient just as effective as care you get in a hospital or skilled nursing solution.
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What is home health care - Home Health Care
What is home health care - Home Health Care
But what is Home Health Care all about here's how it happens first your doctor decides that you need medical care at home perhaps you're returning from the hospital or after an illness or surgery or you're already home but you need a little more help staying well and strong next your Home Health Care provider works with your doctor to order the special services to you need and assembles your care team.

Home Health Care

Then the nurses and psychologist come to your house you'll learn new exercises skills and facts that can help you better control a chronic illness or get back on your feet and with the help of your Home Health Care team you can meet your health goals and stay out of the hospital safely and unconventional at home.

That's all for this segment for more information about Home Health Care in how residential Home Health can help visit Home Health Care.com or call us to talk with a nurse about your specific situation.

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