The Tender Braised Short Rib Recipe - Home Health Care

1 Today we're going to make one of my favorite dishes beef short ribs. We're going to braise them in the oven I love this one I hope the taste tester likes it as much as I do I like to go over all the ingredients I feel like this is the best way for you to set up a recipe to get it perfect every time.
The Tender Braised Short Rib Recipe - Home Health Care
I have four and a half pounds of beef short ribs these are sometimes called English-Cut short ribs but most of the time supermarkets will just call them short ribs. If you're looking at the recipes now and you're a pretty experienced cook you're probably noticing that almost everything I have here is the exact same ingredients. We have two cups of white wine, We have four cups of chicken stock the chicken stock isn't exact because we're just going to use enough to basically almost cover the short ribs when we braise them we also have a little bit of tomato paste exactly two tablespoons 14 ounces of plum tomatoes that are just hand crushed or you could even use crushed. We use three onions here I'm really going for oniony I know like almost like pasta a la Genovese that we did a while back.
I love that dish that's just like all onions but trying to go for similar flavor neighbors here and then we have carrots probably about a cup and a half and probably about a cup and a half of celery to be exact or not exact. It's three medium carrots and three or four celery ribs. I have 10 cloves of garlic that I just smashed for our aromatics. We have two little sprigs of Rosemary one huge sprig or you know if you want to like actually count these as sprigs we have a bunch of thyme and then we have two dried bay leaves. 
If you have fresh bay leaves use them let's get into searing the short ribs right now every place you buy them they're going to be a little different these are English-cut short ribs which means they have a bone. The meat this way some places will be cut four inches long in some places. We'll cut them two to three inches long I actually prefer the smaller ones you can get a better sear on all of them build a little bit more flavor and it's a little better for a person sometimes the really large ones they'll have more fat on them fat in the middle is fine you're not going to do anything about that these aren't cheap anymore.
Guys these were 11.99 a pound so I'm using 4.5 half pounds here where this is kind of a fancy meal and or you know at least it's not an inexpensive meal you might be able to just kind of take. Your knife like this if your knife is very sharp and you get in there and you can cut a little bit of it off once you do that you get under there take like a paper towel you can peel it off. This is worth getting off now because no matter how much you sear it. If you want we're going to do a lot of fat removal from the actual sauce later on we're going to season them with salt and pepper a good amount here so with this much beef I would say you could probably use two to three teaspoons of kosher salt Like A good rule of thumb would be one teaspoon per pound of beef but since a lot of this weight is Bones you're not going to need four and a half teaspoons of salt.
All right just gonna flip them over and then we'll roll them around to get all the rest of that coated well okay and then flour. I have about I don't know half a cup of the cup just you're gonna need enough right here to do this job guys so go in on all sides and we're going to then knock off all the excess just need a very thin coating and then we're going to put them on the parchment paper, So let's get all these drenched I'm going to use the huge pan maybe we can fit them all in one batch if you uh you know if you got the time take out a dutch oven but with this many, it'll probably have to do two or three batches. We're gonna Heat this up to about a four maybe a five out of ten we're using stainless we're gonna let it heat up for about three-four minutes before we put our oil down.
I only need a couple of tablespoons maybe even one tablespoon I'm using olive oil I know it's I'm crazy right I'm not using vegetable oil here just a little bit put it down on whatever side you want and let it get brown for a few minutes it's tempting to put them all in. But if I put them all in we're probably not going to get a decent sear on them we'll go in two batches I probably could fit them all in there but you know I'm doing the best for you guys that's what I want to do it smells like beef in here if I heated my pan up properly once you grab these there will be no sticking so let's see.
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All right you can see look at that and see how it skates around there we go that's nice that's brown enough gonna hit up all sides. Guys, it's gonna take about two to three minutes per side to get them all to look nice and brown like that that's beautiful even though. You got some time before because we're gonna do the veggies next heat up your oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit I think 300 is a good way to do it that's exactly how we did the short rib Ragu that was a hugely popular post recipe one for this blog basically you know you can do four sides of the major sides and you can even do the ends which would be six sides just how much work. You want to do it here but this will build more flavor so there it is again just a beautiful color right there and we'll just keep going we'll flip them over I'm gonna finish off that other batch and we'll move on to the veggies got to have something that you can fit them all in I can lay them all flat and we'll be able to make our sauce.
Now we have too much fat in this pan here you can wipe it down too if it's a little bit more comfortable for you a four out of ten maybe even a three out of ten you don't need a lot of heat here and then we're gonna put in our onions our celery and our carrots. We're gonna cook these until they get soft probably about 10 or 12 minutes don't rush this step gonna build some good flavor here so here's all the fat that I took out it's this much in there. I don't know if you can see it probably can but you know it's about four tablespoons I took it out it probably had about two left over in here if you think you don't have enough now you could pour a little bit of that back in or you could just use a tiny bit of olive oil just to get these vegetables to cook a little bit quicker. I'm just going to sprinkle a little bit of salt on it how much did I put on there a sprinkle's Worth right so probably about a quarter teaspoon or half a teaspoon just enough that will pull a little bit of the water out of the veggies quicker.
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So, this has been about eight minutes you can see how they are a lot softer if you think you're burning you can knock the heat down you could even put a touch of water in here that'll stop it from burning right away guys I don't want to put color on these I just want to make them soft we'll give it a couple more minutes it's been about 12 minutes of getting the veggies soft.
I have two tablespoons of tomato paste and to get the flavor out of the paste even more we're going to fry it for a couple of minutes foreign. You don't need a lot of heat on it the pace itself is high sugar so it wants to burn you can put a tiny bit more oil if you need it I'm just going to try to mash it in there with the vegetable kind of get it all distributed so we'll let this go for a couple of minutes and it wouldn't be a sipping fees video if I didn't screw up the veggies before we put the paste in put your garlic in we're going to do it now.
We're going to see if we're going to be all right the dish might be ruined guys do what you can be doing a little improvising. If you want to do this even a little bit better just take another little pan heat it up and then do your garlic until it gets golden and then just put it right back in there. I spend a lot of time thinking about food between creating recipes filming photos and writing blog posts we sometimes don't want to think about food anymore but we still need to eat and we always want something that tastes great.
We got enough color on the garlic well we've got a little bit of color on the garlic I'm going to put wine in guys you don't need to put you don't need to Crank It Up High yet until you put it in keep your head back so you can keep your eyebrows. That is two cups of white wine I'm using sauvignon blanc but any white dry white wine would be fine so that means Pinot Grigio. If you do a Chardonnay you want to use an unopened version which means it's not what's the right word I'm looking for a tower like when you make wine in an oak barrel what is that called fermentation it's not being fermented in an oak barrel because Oak chardonnays have a very strong flavor and they will dominate everything. In the dish, if you cook with it so now that our wine is in we can turn it up what does the recipe say here? It says five minutes and it says to scrape the brown bits off the bottom of the pan do not say that word in this kitchen ever kind of a running joke now guys you know been go over about three minutes it's reduced by about half I'm going to lower this heat down to about a four out of ten and then we got our 14 ounces of crushed tomatoes.
Whether you crush them yourself or bought them from the store that's fine both are fine they have two bay leaves and I to make it easy. I would say just tie these together. So we're going to let this simmer just for a couple of minutes and then we are going to pour this on top of our short ribs and we're going to get them in the oven uh don't add a lot of salt here because this is going to concentrate in the oven with the salty beef oh man that is delicious. So I'm just going to put some pepper in here right now just about that much all right and then we're going to turn this off and we're going to pour this right on top of the short ribs. I'm just going to arrange these where they're the lowest steak possibly can be right now here's our wonderful sauce foreign kind of at the bottom here to let them do their work. I'm using a chicken base that is low sodium chicken based or reduced-sodium it's called obviously use your own stock if you have it. So almost covering it took about three cups to do that so we're going to cover this up and then as tight as you can get it maybe even use two layers of foil.
Then we're going to braise this for two and a half hours in the oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit in the center of your oven after half that time so an hour and 15 minutes go in there and flip your short ribs foreign them really well almost all the liquid is still in here it looks like they're definitely cooked but are they tender so let's see like we'll try this one right here try to poke through and definitely getting some resistance here normally it would just kind of the knife would want to like it would almost fall through it but we're kind of looking for it to be pork tender where we can almost pull it apart we don't want to turn it into mush so there is a point. Where you probably don't want to go over when we cook it on a cupboard in the oven at 300 degrees we're not changing the temperature or anything this liquid is going to reduce it's going to go down a little bit and the top of this short ribs will get a little darker on top but we already got great color all right we'll be back in a little while [Music] could they go longer yeah they probably could and you know the longer you cook them up to a point the more and more fat will render we already trimmed a lot of the fat off but let's just check them for tenderness right now okay very tender like if I just put it in and I just move this it's all going to rip apart my preferred way to do this is to separate the short ribs. 
I'm going to do that and then put the liquid whether in here or in another container in the fridge overnight and all the fat will come to the top but we're going to do our best right now to decrease some of the sauce here are all of our short ribs you can also take these and you can broil them which will kind of like sear off a lot of that outside fat too which is nice and it'll darken them up a lot so you can take out all your herbs one simple way to remove the fat is just with a spoon and just put it in a little bit and then the fat is all going to come right like that put it on top and then all the fat is going to stick to this so you are using some paper towels here but I tell you and if you even if you like to sit for 30 minutes the Fat's gonna naturally want to rise to the Top.
If you do this it's going to remove a lot of fat you could also use a bowl of a blaster which is something you just pull in you could pour this into kind of a fat separator but then you're going to have to strain it I want all these vegetables because they're so delicious I find that this way is pretty easy if you do want to put this in the refrigerator overnight I do recommend straining it first and doing it because all your vegetables are going to get trapped in the fat and I really want these vegetables right now but you can see like that's only two pieces it is clearing up dramatically now there's a lot of fat on the side here. So I'm going to go to the side area I've successfully removed a ton of fat which is all here this is a lot clearer now really simple I'm probably left with about two and a half cups of this delicious sauce with all the garlic and the veggies foreign. I'm not even going to tell you what it is just just dig in that's beef on top of a bone I can tell you what the stuff is you could.
If you reduce this you could reduce it a lot and you can put the ribs back in and kind of like glaze them up mashed potatoes yeah that's a piece of garlic right there yeah all right so why don't you hold off now and there's a card and Pen over there for you okay not looking what do you think about it what was like a good what wasn't what do you taste well. I really like the sauce I think the monitor thinks you can use a little bit more flavor though yeah um maybe like a little bit more salt. My potatoes are free your piece of spring and she needs the shots oh nine huh all right well that was that that surprises me I thought he was gonna give me like a seven after saying all that it's delicious there'll be fatter uh more meat on this side.

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